The Forum Tanzvermittlung offers artists involved in the activities of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, as well as other actors in the region, the opportunity to exchange views on questions in the field of "mediation and participation" and thus to gain a reflective distance from their own work.
As an open offer, the Forum Tanzvermittlung enables an intensive exchange on mediation issues, concepts and ideas and thus complements the project-related activities of the Tanzplatform Rhein-Main in this area. The format is aimed at teachers, educators, artists, teachers, mediators and other interested parties. In dialogue with various regional or international artists, questions about education and cultural education are discussed and tested. The events are led by KitaTanz artists, teachers and students of the MA Contemporary Dance Education, team members of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main or invited experts from the fields of dance art, education and upbringing.


Forum Tanzvermittlung
With Angela Alves / performance artist, artist, activist
Fri. 24.2.2023 | 5 - 7 p.m. | Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm, Studio 2

The forum will also be held in German sign language.

You can make use of our early boarding.

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The artistic practice of chronically ill/disabled people is often associated with objects or practices that provide access and participation, alleviate their pain, or have to do with self-care. These practices are called crip techniques. They not only counter the canon in dance with new aesthetics, but also reveal insights into those realities of life that are told far from the norm. "Choreograhies of Rest" is one such crip technique that is all about resting, questioning not only the artist's individual access but also the intersectional and political dimensions of resting. What does it mean to rest? What do we rest for and where do we do it?

Angela Alves lives as a choreographer in Berlin and identifies herself as a crip artist. She studied dance at the ArtEZ School of Dance in the Netherlands and dance studies at the FU Berlin. Her artistic practice focuses on political dimensions of the unavailable body and its obstructions in classist and ableist pre-structured spaces. Her work centers on concepts of rest and pleasure as cultural techniques of resistance. Angela is co-founder of TURN. New Movement for MS, an association that has been working since 2014 to make visible the realities of life for people with multiple sclerosis and other chronic inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, and "IHMAR.", the Institute for Medical & Health Humanities and Artistic Research. She has been a member of the PSR Collective Berlin since 2022.