Tanzfestival Rhein-Main 202030.10.–15.11.2020

Fragile Balancen – Fragile Balances

This year, the Tanzfestival Rhein-Main celebrates its fifth anniversary. However, we are celebrating this great occasion under difficult conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic poses immense challenges particularly for dance and its professionals and has radically changed the reality of working in this field.

Physical distancing recommendations, hygiene rules and safety protocols are of utmost importance to contain the infection, while they contribute to controlling physical movement, in some cases even to preventing it. Bodies in all their facets are thus increasingly becoming taboo and being pushed to the periphery
of social awareness. For this very reason, we at the Tanzfestival Rhein-Main would like to take a closer look at the body and its dynamics, while taking all the necessary precautions. In these times, every body – as a possible carrier of the virus – is a potential threat to others, while its vulnerability has simultaneously become even more obvious than ever before. It thus seems to us all the more important to provide visibility to the perspectives of choreographers and dancers who have always been intensively concerned with our physical existence. They know better than anyone else how to find images and spaces of experience
for the fragile balances that we currently experience as individuals, as a cultural institution, but also as a society. Fragile Balancen – Fragile Balances will therefore also be the central theme of this year’s program and the motto of our anniversary edition.

Festival Flyer (PDF)