Foto: Domenico Domek Matrone

House for BeginnersWorkshop mit Valentina Dragotta

Sun 04.02.2024 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm - Probebühne 3

House is a dance style that emerged in the clubs of Detroit, New York and Chicago in the early 1980s and is closely linked to the music genre of the same name. The dance style is characterized by flowing, continuous movements that are often performed to fast beats. House dance movements are usually very accentuated and are based on a combination of footwork following the beat and flowing movements of the upper body. House has incorporated numerous variations and influences from other dance styles over the years, including Afro, Latin and jazz dance. Today, house is danced worldwide and is considered an important component of so-called "urban" styles.

Valentina began her Hip Hop dance journey in 2008 near Turin, Italy, dancing since childhood while attempting to emulate movements seen in music videos. Until 2016, she attended the urban dance school "IndipenDance School," refining her skills in Hip Hop, House dance, and Waacking under Pinklady, Babi’, and Domek.    
As a member of the "Pinkadies Crew," Valentina achieved success in numerous choreographic competitions in Italy. Formerly known as Ariel, she triumphed in battles within the Italian underground Hip Hop and House dance scene.        
Fueled by her aspiration to become a professional dancer, at 23, Valentina decided to settle in Paris. A few months later, she joined the 100% female group Paradox-Sal, created and choreographed by Ousmane Sy, aka Babson. Since then, she has graced significant stages across Europe, California, Morocco, Chad, Senegal, etc., with performances in "Bounce," "Fighting Spirit," "Queen Blood" (touring since 2019), and "One Shot" (currently on tour).                  
As a passionate traveler, Valentina explores dance communities worldwide and engages in battles globally. Notable achievements include reaching the top 16 at the international battle House Dance Forever in Amsterdam in 2023, winning the "Time to Jack" Battle in Rome in 2022, and securing a top 4 position at "Ladies of Hip Hop" in New York in 2023.   Last summer, she spent a month in New York, immersing herself in the club culture and studying with pioneers of Hip Hop and House, including historic members of Dance Fusion Crew and Elite Force.                
In her continuous pursuit of growth, Valentina shares experiences, embraces challenges, and discovers new ways to express herself and her art.