Fresh Fruits Movement & Friends Frankfurt and the worldDay 2: Top 12 Battle / 7 to smoke / Jam & Connect u.v.m

Sat 03.09.2022 | 4:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm - Saal

With the day pass for 15 euros, the following events can be visited on Saturday, 3.9.2022:

4 pm (Admission satarting at 3 pm)
Mousonturm Saal

We invite everyone to an exciting selection of programs for the second day of Random Circles. There will be battles, and there will be jams. We will begin the day with Top 12 Battle. Here is how it’ll work: in each category, 12 chips were given out by the jury members on the first day of the festival. Now, the twelve dancers in each category may take part in the Top 12 Battle. In the single elimination system, two dancers will battle it out. The six dancers who won in battle will compete against each other in the next round, or 7 to smoke.

In 7 to smoke, the two invited battle guests will finally enter the competition (one of them is also the secret judge), so that a total of eight dancers will battle in this format. The first dancer who smokes the seven competitors by getting 7 points wins the category. The competition will take place one after the other in the three categories: popping, house, and hip hop. Each battle will last 45 minutes. Between the battles, we invite everyone to dance together and get to know each other at Jam & Connect.

Saturday will finish with a bang with a music performance by Yasmin and Do25cinco (Dos Cinco), who will, following their last year’s example, sing and perform for everyone. Yasmin’s music fuses R&B, neo soul, and jazz. Her lyrics take inspiration from poems, art, and her travels. Do25inco is a Mexican rapper and DJ.