AntanzenIoulia Kokkokiou

Sat 17.06.2023 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Staatstheater Wiesbaden

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Ioulia Kokkokiou is a performer, dance facilitator and researcher living in Frankfurt am Main. She completed her master's degree in contemporary dance education (MA CoDE Frankfurt am Main) and since then has been working as a dance facilitator and artist with various dance, social and cultural institutions, but also with theaters such as Mousontrum and Staathstheater in Wiesbaden. In her teaching, Ioulia draws inspiration from various artistic mediums, philosophy and science, and her main pedagogical goal is the cultivation of body, movement and group awareness. Her most recent movement research, founded by DIS-TANZ SOLO, explores how movement games support the teaching of contemporary dance at a young age. As a performer, she collaborates primarily with the following choreographers: Matthew Tusa, Verena Kutschera, Rena Papadopolou, Grace Euna Kim.