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Choreografische WerkstattBillinger & Schulz

Geteilter Abend (AT)

What do we have in common? What can we share? What makes us different? Verena Billinger and Sebastian Schulz illuminate the relationship between the individual and society, from the part to the whole. The result is a "Geteilter Abend (AT)" (Shared Evening) consisting of several interconnected dance pieces and works: at least one solo for Verena Billinger about questions of biography and portrait, and a formal-abstract dance piece about socially shared forms of movement.
In the context of the choreographic workshop they will give insight into first approaches for the solo.
Making "bio-graphy" as writing of one or life the starting point of a choreo-graphy, here she asks how a person in her singularity is communicable, and what traces can also be found and revealed for the non-communicable of the intimate, personal and private.

Verena Billinger & Sebastian Schulz studied applied theater, dance, choreography, performance in Gießen, Frankfurt, Hildesheim. Previous guest performances: Germany, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Thailand, USA.

2014 Promotion Award for Young Artists of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. 2015 Award as " Hoffnungsträger für den Tanz" in the magazine tanz.

2021 Award dance film untitled (mirror) at Greensboro Dance Film Festival, USA.

2022 Award "Best movement (choreography)" at the California Music Video & Film Awards for dance film Picknick.