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WIP ShowingSnorkel Rabbit

Sat 07.05.2022 | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Ballettsaal

During the two-week residency in Darmstadt, Snorkel Rabbit will work on the piece "100 Years". A work-in-progress showing will take place on 7.5.2022 at the Ballettsaal in Darmstadt.

"100 Years" will be a new evening production by Snorkel Rabbit Company created by artistic directors Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias. Together they will combine their many years of contemporary dance and choreography experience. Bringing together a unique evening work inspired by the novel "One Hundred Years of solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Through a contemporary perspective, the work visualizes abstract narratives of Power, Conflict, Cynicism, and Change. Referencing currentand past world events to comment on the repetition of history. While creating aworld where fiction becomes forms of fact, and where facts become uncertain. The evening explores our cognitive development through moments of pleasure and conflict, and brings attention to the fragility of our minds through the continues adaptation of aging and time.



Snorkel Rabbit is a contemporary dance company founded by choreographers Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland, and is currently the resident company of Opera de Massy. Snorkel Rabbit’s work portrays a realistic view of the modern world while adding theatrical elements, often dealing with the blurring of lines between fantasy and reality. Examining notions of identity through dream like settings that reflect our fears and desires. With its unique collective, the company formulates a distinct and diverse movement language for every production. Using a fusion of dance styles and societal themes as a means of storytelling. Producing a body of work that is thought provoking and engaging to younger and older audiences. Snorkel Rabbit is committed to the outreach of bringing dance to diverse communities and mentoring the youth on the arts. The company seeks to enrich and evolve the ways we experience dance through curating open rehearsals, movement workshops, and post performance discussions. Making use of the company’s productions and artistic events to educate and form deeper bonds with the public through dance.

Artistic Directors & Choreographers: Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias
Manager & Administrator: Florent Mollet
Light designer & Stage Manager: Lukas Marian
Costume designer: Bregje van Balen
Stage design: to be confirmed
Performers: Clémentine Herveux, Sara Angelucci, Laetitia Kohler,Mario Fuchs, more dancers to be confirmed.
Music: Composed andAdapted by Snorkel Rabbit