Jörg Baumann

Jörg Baumann

Jörg Baumann

Canan ErekGreen Move

Japanese scientists have discovered that people, who spend a lot of time in nature, have better immune systems, suffer less from stress and are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer. This has set off a trend (at least in Asia): forest bathing – walking through woodlands, while perceiving nature with all your senses. This fascinates Canan Erek. Her choreography Green Move visited various spa gardens, which have always been places of healing. The dance performance roamed within the different parks and took the audience with it on a stroll.

Erek’s piece was the second Ensemble Mobil, initiated by the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main.

Cast & Credits

Concept/Choreography: Canan Erek
Artistic Assitance: Alessandra Defazio
Production Management: Larissa Koch, Linda Pilar Brodhag
Dancers: Kihako Narisawa, Robin Rohrmann, Francesca Imoda, Keith Chin, Seraphine Detscher, Julia Kathriner, Alessandra Defazio
Costumes: Nathalie Meyer

Dancer and choreographer Canan Erek lives in Berlin. She was born in Turkey and studied classical dance there, before coming to Germany to study dance with Pina Bausch at the Folkwang University and choreography at the Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin. Her own works have been shown in various theatres and festivals. She is also the initiator and artistic director of PURPLE – International Dance Festival for Young Audiences since 2016.