Whether before or after the performance, physically active or simply listening or observing - the accompanying program provides a framework for deepening knowledge and experience of the pieces shown and the theme of "dance" in a variety of ways and for entering into dialogue with artists and visitors.


The Warm-up offers a way to shift more easily from your everyday routine to visiting a dance performance. Artists from featured productions will lead a warm-up training for spectators one hour before the beginning of a show. Based on very concrete exercises, the training explores various aspects of the dance and choreography.


As a Warm-up equivalent, the Cool-down is the perfect context to let a performance echo in a special way. Your own experience is brought together with what you just saw in the dancers’ physicality.

Upcoming dates: currently none

After selected performances, choreographers and dancers offer deeper insight into the pieces and the creation process in a talk with curators and other experts.

Upcoming dates: currently none